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Dec 08, 2016 by admin Category: Kaadoo Tantra 0 comments


It’s the end of the year and it’s getting chilly, but I’ve got a bit of a warm feeling inside that gets me through the days, it’s the warmth of this season. The holidays are coming, and soon, many will be celebrating Christmas around brightly lit Christmas trees, eating all kinds of goodies and hanging out with the family.  And that’s just what I want to end the year with, the warm feeling of spending time at home with the family and relatives from all over, sharing the joy of the season.

I want to dwell on how important families are and how they hold a pack together when everything else around them may be falling apart. There are important lessons to be learned from animals and their groups and how sharing, caring, and standing together can be beneficial in so many ways.

Here are a few animals that live in families and can teach us a thing or two about life:

Wolves: One of the most amazing family groups, wolves live in packs and do everything together as a pack. A moving pack of wolves follows a very specific order and is an awesome sight to behold. They move in a line one behind the other with the sick or elderly leading the pack and setting the pace for the whole pack, next are the strong ones, and in the centre is the rest of the pack.

The alpha male walks alone right at the back where he has the whole pack in sight and is in control of everything. Adult wolves are a tight family group hunting together and looking after any pups in the group taking turns to supply food, babysit and play around with the pups.

Elephants: Seemingly the most emotional and emotive (and large as life) creatures around, elephants not only share visible bonds with their own kind but captive elephants are known to share strong bonds with humans too. A herd of elephants is one of the most interesting families to watch, consisting only of various generations of adult females, and the young. This family is a force that can hardly be reckoned with as elephants are dangerously protective of their young. Elephants are incredibly intelligent, sensitive, and caring animals and are known to be deeply wounded by loss, hanging around a corpse for days after its death.


Ants: Perhaps the most inspiring for a perfect and orderly way of life, ants live in organised communities and blindly follow a set order of hierarchy. Every ant has a specific role throughout their lifetime and they go about their duty with a real “Do or die” determination. Their only purpose is the survival of the entire colony and the upkeep of their self-made palatial home.


Monkeys: Showing the importance of communication and showing emotion, monkeys are highly intelligent and social animals. They move about in relatively large families of 15-20. They communicate vocally with a variety of sounds that can be heard for long distances. They use these to create bonds, look after their young, to ward off other groups of monkeys or warn about predators. Monkeys also show love and emotion through facial expressions, by touching each other’s faces and by constantly grooming each other. They are also able to show aggression to establish their status in the group.


A happy New Year

It’s the time of the year to shed all your inhibitions, forget about the dreariness of the past year and push yourself forward towards a more profitable and meaningful New Year. Make a resolution this year to be kinder to animals, get involved in conservation of any kind, and to be a cleaner, greener person every day. I hope you will miss me through the holidays; I will be cozied up in all my furry goodness watching the lights from afar.



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