Welcome to Jungle patrol!

The objective of the game is to assist the eight-member team of patrolling officers led by the brave ‘Ranger Kutty’ to outsmart the the eight member gang of brigands led by notorious ‘Kirik Veera’, thereby stopping them from entering the core of the Jungle and creating mischief.

It’s a game for 4 players. 2 players representing the Rangers & the other 2 representing the Brigands. However the roll of dice and movement of the pawns are individually controlled, and cannot be swapped between team members.

The game ends when
a. one team outnumbers the other at the Core of the Jungle;
b. if a stalemate is reached where no further move is possible. In this case, ‘Ranger Kutty’ wins the game for trapping “Kirik Veera’. Remember that there cannot be a Draw!


Jungle Patrol is an engaging, fun-filled, team-based, strategic board game. It is a game designed for role-play and encourages teamwork and at the same time offers excitement to the players. Anyone above 8 years will enjoy the game.

This is a game for two teams of two players each; one team represents the Forest Rangers and the other, the brigands.The team that takes control of the jungle is the winner. The game gives equal odds to both teams and is in no way biased towards either. You can choose to be the Rangers in one game and brigands in the next.

The brigands are moving towards the deep jungle, home to valuable, rare plants and animals.The Rangers are now hot on the heels of the brigands before they loot the forest of its wealth. Having gotten wind of this, the brigands are trying their best to outwit the rangers and make their escape with their booty !!!

During the course of the chase, the Rangers and the brigands will need to cross each other's strongholds and be careful not to ignore wayside clues. Players must focus on combining their individual pawns into groups of 2,3 or 4 in order to win over the opponents.

Kirik Veera is the ruthless captain of the brigands. He has been unlawfully ruling the jungles for a long time now and has always succeeded in escaping from the rangers. Having grown up in the jungles, he knows it like the back of his palm. However, he is also aware that this time around, he is up against an equally determined challenger in Ranger Kutty and therefore needs to be at his sharpest to escape from his clutches.

Captain Kutty is the brave, dashing leader of the Forest rangers. He has made it his mission to nab Kirik Veera and protect the jungle. He has been waiting a long time for an opportunity and has assembled a crack team this time around. Ranger Kutty is a true upholder of the law and will leave no stone unturned in his efforts to bring the evil doers to justice.

There are many threats to the survival of our forests. One of them is the illegal act of poaching by miscreants.  People indulge in poaching because of the price that a wild animal's body, either in full or of its parts, fetches in the global, illegal wildlife trade syndicate.  When buying of these illegally, and most often cruelly sourced products stops, so does poaching!   Please do not buy any product or item which you suspect originates from sanctuaries, national parks, or reserves. Please assist the forest personnel in performing their duties as protectors of our forests. Without our active help as responsible citizens and nature-lovers, their bravery will be in vain.   Together, let us put an end to poaching.