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Let the Safari begin!

Exciting Editions Available

Spots & Stripes encompassing the biodiversity of Southern India, and Migration Mania comprising of the fauna from Eastern Africa

Animal Card Pack

Each set contains 100 cards with animal illustrations from the region with trivia

Games Played & Enjoyed

In schools, living rooms, in corridors, at work places, in pubs, and on the Go!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the game is friendly for anyone upwards of 6.

If you have landed at any of the waterholes, you get another chance to roll the dice.

The player who caught up from behind will get to “blind pick” a card from you, i.e., the player who was ahead in the first place.

Yes, once you open the packing, please go through the “How to Play” guidelines in the language of your choice. There are instructions to play in 17 different languages.

Please go through the “Know your Cards” leaflet very carefully, that will explain the different types of cards available in the pack.

They are done with a purpose, RED numbers indicate that you can only move your vehicle, whereas, GREEN numbers indicate that you can also pick a card from the stack after you move your vehicle.

Great. It is time to exchange your sighting, i.e. the two of you who have landed on the same block in opposite directions will swap the entire set of cards in your possession.

NO. Since you have already purchased one full pack – you only need to look for the ADD-ON pack available at your nearest store or online. Enjoy the 16 different editions that will be out in the market very soon.

You can play the Paapa Card just like the Kaadoo Card.

Yes, you follow the instructions on the board, i.e. you need to turnaround your vehicle when you land on the Turnaround block and Hop Across the Kaadoo Junction when you land on that block, Miss a turn, etc.

That marks the end of the game, count your points now.

Other than the player who has played this card, others return one of their star sightings to the stack.

Please feel free to do so, the more the merrier.

No, we do not have that option yet, but feel free to write to us and we will send the details for purchase.

You can reenter only by throwing 1 on the dice.

The one line information is trivia about the animal.

Not necessarily, the rules are simple to understand and for your benefit, there are illustrated in 17 different languages.

They are all specially hand painted, digitised and then printed in four colour offset printers using eco friendly pigment.

The vehicles and dice are eco-friendly too. They are safe and non-toxic paint dyes have been utilised for your benefit.

NO, it is not. Anyone who is interested in any form of indoor gameplay can play Kaadoo and thoroughly enjoy while doing so.


  • I got my Kaadoo - The Big Game™! It's an awesome game for the entire family

    Pratignya KrishnamurtyBengaluru
  • Kudos to the team for bringing out Kaadoo - The Big Game™. I had fun with my family members while playing and also got to know more about wildlife.

  • My kids loved the board game... They were amazed by the cards and those cute little pawns. Waiting for the holidays to play with their cousins.

    Preethi PrabhuBengaluru
  • Kaadoo - The Big Game™  is an intriguing game for all members of the family. All in all, it is a very good game. A nice gifting solution too!

    Sunil NaiduBangalore

Didn’t find what you were looking for?

Whether is about the rules of the game or any info about the play, feel free to  send in your questions and our team will address them all.

A bit about the Creators


As a bunch of creative designers, we were trudging along doing mundane projects for internationally renowned clients. One fine day we packed up our previous professional lives and headed out with Diinesh Kumble, our mentor. We headed out to the Bandipur Tiger Reserve, about 150 miles southwest of Bengaluru. And after that, there was no turning back.

Being an avid wildlife enthusiast and a renowned photographer, Diinesh travels deep into these forests regularly and relates to the ins and outs of its ecosystem. With him as our guide, there began our quest to develop a product that the World would take note of.

We laid the foundation of Kaddoo – The Big Game in Bandipur. After a lot of thought and careful planning we have brought out this game to you. We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we have enjoyed creating it. Play the game with family, share it with friends and keep being our patrons, so that we may develop many more such interesting games for you.

Feel free to leave your valuable feedback and comments. We value each and every one of them, so keep them coming.